I enjoyed the course on “Language Of Image” it was very satisfying  to the eye.  The pictures were emotional, and the information given on each about what they were trying to capture in each photograph was amazing.  Looking at the photograph you would just think it was a lovely picture in itself, but the course breaks it down in a variety of different elements, and you will learn what their are trying to capture and present to the audience.  That is some of what I learned form the course.  Also I learned some vocabulary.  Such words like Juxtaposition which is when two contrasting images are shown to strike emotion or irony.  Active photos are the most commonly used photo, and are very effective.  People feel emotion when they see real people involved in real situations in real time.  This style brings insight.

What surprised me from the was the course was a type of image referred to as layering. Layering involves the breaking down of the photo, and showing in each piece what is going on, but yet brings the it all together in a captivating way.

I would like to learn more about quality of light.  Only because I know when I take a picture I just want to make sure there is enough light so the picture will come out visible.  But quality of light varies and can be adjusted in certain ways to add emotion or show emphasis on certain things and I want to learn how to adjust light to alter the feeling of a photograph.