With social classes you can classify publics by income, as well as from socioeconomic characteristics. There are three social classes: The Upper (Elite) Class, The Middle Class, and The Working Class. Some characteristics of the upper class is that they are wealthy, well-educated, smart, and money is important to them. A home, their family, self-actualization are some of the things an individual in the upper class value. Upper class folk tend to stay within their own class, and give to worthy causes. They buy expensive things, majority of the time they are liberal and spend more on services than goods. A good way to taget them would be with advertising from a point where the whole family benefits. Express concern for some of the issyes that interest them, try to relate.
The middle class have characteristics from both of the other classes. They try to act like the elite class often with their talk and the way they act but identify more with the working class. 40% make up the middle class, they are usually professionals who are well-educated and respectable. Thing that concern them are jobs, ethics, and incomes. they value education, substance over style and quality over show. Homes and neighborhoods are important, and individuals in the middle class tend to be conservative and traditional in the middle class. To target the middle class, I would take the more of a conservative and traditional approach. Nothing to fancy is needed, just advertise to them from a standpoint to where they feel you have good intentions.
Last but not least is the working class. They are characterized by office and service workers, skilled manual workers and unskilled manual workers. Most people in this class earn their living through hard work using their hands. They value trust, and display brand loyalty. The working class prefers lovely advertisements and promotions. To win over the middle class, make sure you include where you can save. Also display what ever your selling as dependable and the company as a company that really cares about the customer.