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In an interview there are rules and guidelines to the way you’re suppose to dress. talks about what a woman in an interview should wear. She should have on a solid color. Her suit should be conservative with a blouse that coordinates. Shoes should be moderate and with jewelry, wear little to none. Hair should be neat, nails nicely manicured and be sure to be sparse with the make up and perfume. When it comes to hosiery it should be tan or light.
According to men should first know about the company they will be interviewing with. The website encourages to get an idea of the company’s dress code, by maybe having a friend stake out the front door and see what current employees wear. Basic black, dark gray, or navy are appropriate suite colors. Tie and shoes should match and everything should be clean and fit well. A nice briefcase or leather or vinyl portfolio to hold things like your resume and references are suggested.
To spotlight and be more specific to my area of interest (public relations) this portion of the blog is going to inform you what to wear to a PR interview. First impressions are very important. Black heels, skirt, blouse equals boring. In a PR interview you kind of have to be stylish. Think about it…our major requires us to be social, in the lime light, seen, the middle man between the client and audience. One must look professional, yet stylish at the same time. A black, cream, or gray pencil skirt is cute, noticeable, and an overall sophisticated look. Also you could pair a gray dress with some solid gray or black tights. To contribute a little flair, a belt would compliment the outfit nicely. Wear the belt slightly to the side to draw attention to your figure. When it comes to shoes, a heel is definitely necessary, it represents fun, sexy, and professional all wrapped up into one.


Social media is Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, and dating sites just to name a few. The Internet is social media’s outlet. It is said that social media has three components: Social interface, media, and concept. 1.)Social interface deals with engagement with the audience, social viral, electronic viral, electronic broadcast, or print. 2.)Media, refers to electronic physical or verbal. 3.)Concept, refers to art information, and meme(cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena( It’s been said by Mashable:The Social Media Guide, that social networks are starting to become criteria that hiring managers and college admission officers use to weed out applicants. Hiring managers conduct background checks using social sites like Facebook. Pitfalls of social media can be that if a job seeker has wild photos up on their page and comes off as someone that just seems to party all the time with no order in their life, a hiring manager might during a background check see that and choose not to hire that individual. When looking for a job it is important that your pages don’t have anything that might turn off an employer or cause them to question your ability to hold a postilion with their company.
With social media such as Facebook and Twitter you can use them not only for social reasons, but as a marketing tool. You can use these sites to market and/or promote yourself. Using social media catches employers eye and increases your chances of employment because they see that you are technology savvy and more innovative. It shows that you keep up with the times and are willing to adapt to change. Also with social media a job seeker can learn more about a company, keep up with a company, network, and build a relationship with the company which could eventually lead to a job.

Body language to me is a form of nonverbal communication. It’s the gestures we make with our hands, body, the looks we give with our eyes, and facial expressions. Me personally, I’ve been told I am very animated, people tell me I am not very discrete with my facial expressions; you’re going to going to be able to tell how I feel at that moment by my face. I think its funny, I really have no control over it…oh well.
While looking up information about body language, I saw the common split, female and male body language and how to understand each. We will always be trying to figure out the opposite sex, it’s a subject that will never get old (just had to make mention).
When it comes to a job interview there are ways to conduct yourself in an interview with body language. In a job interview it is suggested to adopt a posture that shows interest but still gives a sense of being relaxed. Do not sit at the tip of your chair, it shows your tense and not comfortable. A lot of times we talk with are hands, but its best to keep that to a minimum in a interview. The best thing to do with your hands is let them sit loosely on your lap or rest on the arm rest.
On the Forbes website it talks about how hands in your pockets when standing shows a lack of confidence. Here are some more tips from the website:

  • Sitting with legs crossed while shaking one leg shows nervousness
  • Looking at the floor or around a lot shows that your not interested in the conversation.
  • Avoid negative body language like the ones listed. Some good tips for body language in a job interview is to go into an interview with calm and ease. It can be nerve racking that’s only natural, but tell yourself “its not an interrogation.”
  • Sit up straight, show enthusiasm by keeping an expression that shows interest.
  • Create a comfortable amount of personal space between you and the interviewer.
  • Keep scents, cologne, perfumes to a minimum.
  • At the end of the interview when you stand up be sure to smile, leave them with a good lasting memory of you.
  • Also to give a little dash of my advice, say a prayer before and after the interview. Prayer changes