Body language to me is a form of nonverbal communication. It’s the gestures we make with our hands, body, the looks we give with our eyes, and facial expressions. Me personally, I’ve been told I am very animated, people tell me I am not very discrete with my facial expressions; you’re going to going to be able to tell how I feel at that moment by my face. I think its funny, I really have no control over it…oh well.
While looking up information about body language, I saw the common split, female and male body language and how to understand each. We will always be trying to figure out the opposite sex, it’s a subject that will never get old (just had to make mention).
When it comes to a job interview there are ways to conduct yourself in an interview with body language. In a job interview it is suggested to adopt a posture that shows interest but still gives a sense of being relaxed. Do not sit at the tip of your chair, it shows your tense and not comfortable. A lot of times we talk with are hands, but its best to keep that to a minimum in a interview. The best thing to do with your hands is let them sit loosely on your lap or rest on the arm rest.
On the Forbes website it talks about how hands in your pockets when standing shows a lack of confidence. Here are some more tips from the website:

  • Sitting with legs crossed while shaking one leg shows nervousness
  • Looking at the floor or around a lot shows that your not interested in the conversation.
  • Avoid negative body language like the ones listed. Some good tips for body language in a job interview is to go into an interview with calm and ease. It can be nerve racking that’s only natural, but tell yourself “its not an interrogation.”
  • Sit up straight, show enthusiasm by keeping an expression that shows interest.
  • Create a comfortable amount of personal space between you and the interviewer.
  • Keep scents, cologne, perfumes to a minimum.
  • At the end of the interview when you stand up be sure to smile, leave them with a good lasting memory of you.
  • Also to give a little dash of my advice, say a prayer before and after the interview. Prayer changes