In an interview there are rules and guidelines to the way you’re suppose to dress. talks about what a woman in an interview should wear. She should have on a solid color. Her suit should be conservative with a blouse that coordinates. Shoes should be moderate and with jewelry, wear little to none. Hair should be neat, nails nicely manicured and be sure to be sparse with the make up and perfume. When it comes to hosiery it should be tan or light.
According to men should first know about the company they will be interviewing with. The website encourages to get an idea of the company’s dress code, by maybe having a friend stake out the front door and see what current employees wear. Basic black, dark gray, or navy are appropriate suite colors. Tie and shoes should match and everything should be clean and fit well. A nice briefcase or leather or vinyl portfolio to hold things like your resume and references are suggested.
To spotlight and be more specific to my area of interest (public relations) this portion of the blog is going to inform you what to wear to a PR interview. First impressions are very important. Black heels, skirt, blouse equals boring. In a PR interview you kind of have to be stylish. Think about it…our major requires us to be social, in the lime light, seen, the middle man between the client and audience. One must look professional, yet stylish at the same time. A black, cream, or gray pencil skirt is cute, noticeable, and an overall sophisticated look. Also you could pair a gray dress with some solid gray or black tights. To contribute a little flair, a belt would compliment the outfit nicely. Wear the belt slightly to the side to draw attention to your figure. When it comes to shoes, a heel is definitely necessary, it represents fun, sexy, and professional all wrapped up into one.