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I’ve heard the word internship at least a million times since I been in college. “You should do an internship, internships are good, they can be fun, you get experience and can network, it can maybe lead to a job.” Those are all things I have heard and although doing one would be cool, I decided to take Senior Seminar instead and be on my way.
I have two friends who did internships. My friend Maranda, who attends Georgia Southern and is a Senior PR major graduating in May did an internship for a music licensing and copyright company. The name of the company is called Seasac and she did their PR, which mostly consisted of her doing artist bios. Tips Maranda gives are as follows: 1.)Take the maximum number of credits that you can because it gives you real world experience. 2.)Find your own internship, does not have to be one on the list that the school provides. 3.)Don’t procrastinate on turning in your intern paper work. 4.)Stay in contact with your intern supervisor, it is a good connect to have.
My other friend goes to Georgia State, her name is Shameria. She did an internship with the Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission, and Georgia Department of Transportation, just to name a few. She is such a busy individual, I am very proud of her and all her accomplishments. OK OK enough with the sentimental moment. Her advice is to just make sure you learn everyday while doing the internship. Ask questions, keep in contact with the companies, and show them you want to be there. *Best advice given…logging out*


My name is Danielle, some call me dSmilez (because I smile a lot), D, or Danni B. I am a Senior PR major and I am a fairly simple gal. I enjoy spending time with with my family and friends. I am a Christian, I incorporate God into my everyday life through prayer and reading His Word. In my free time I like to check out the nightlife (clubbing, house parties) I enjoy shopping, going to the movies, being around lots of friends, and sometimes just being alone. I live a busy life, I work hard in school, on my job, and I am working hard towards making my all my dreams become a reality. I work for the 11th Hour newspaper, its a local Statesboro newspaper that focuses on whats going on in the ‘boro’.
Favorite Food: Chicken wings
Favorite Genre of music: Rap/Hip-Hop
Favorite Season: Summer
Hot or Cold: Hot
Juice or Soda: Juice
I love the beach!! I Love Life, If You Hang Around Me…I Bet You’ll Like It.