My name is Danielle, some call me dSmilez (because I smile a lot), D, or Danni B. I am a Senior PR major and I am a fairly simple gal. I enjoy spending time with with my family and friends. I am a Christian, I incorporate God into my everyday life through prayer and reading His Word. In my free time I like to check out the nightlife (clubbing, house parties) I enjoy shopping, going to the movies, being around lots of friends, and sometimes just being alone. I live a busy life, I work hard in school, on my job, and I am working hard towards making my all my dreams become a reality. I work for the 11th Hour newspaper, its a local Statesboro newspaper that focuses on whats going on in the ‘boro’.
Favorite Food: Chicken wings
Favorite Genre of music: Rap/Hip-Hop
Favorite Season: Summer
Hot or Cold: Hot
Juice or Soda: Juice
I love the beach!! I Love Life, If You Hang Around Me…I Bet You’ll Like It.