This blog contains an interview (Q&A) with Byron Miller, the President of the Events and Planning for the Entertainment Group known as Hussle Hard Entertainment.

1.) What is your exact title?
President of event planning committee for Hussle Hard Entertainment
2.) What is your job description as event planner for Hussle Hard Entertainment?
Micromanaging all members of the committee and making sure they achieve tasks catered to each specific event.
3.) How many hours do you put in a week for your job?
20-25 hours a week.
4.) Are you the only one that runs this position of HHE or is it a team?
A Team
5.) If it is a team, how often do you all meet?
Depends on the event being put on.
6.) What do the meetings consist of, what gets discussed in your meetings?
Ideas for an event, assignment of job duties and progress updates.
7.) How long have you worked in the event planning department for HHE?
2+ years.
8.) Was there ever a time where you had to go above and beyond in your job?
All the time, things never run smoothly in the event planning business, someone is always going to throw a glitch in your plans.
9.) Name a time where an event didn’t go as planned?
Awhile back we through out 4th Annual 90’s party. The past 3 years of throwing the event have been successful, but conflicted interest and disagreements with collaborators caused the event to have a small turnout.
10.) Is there a memorable moment in which you were extremely proud of how an event turned out?
When we brought recording artist Drake to the Performing Arts Center.
11.) Is this an area you want to work in the rest of my life?
12.) If not what else are you trying to branch into?
I am interested in artist development and executive producing and maybe one day be a creative tour director.
13.) What is something you like most about your job?
Planning the events and the close bind he has with his HHE family.
14.) What is something you like least about your job?
Having to stay and clean up after an event.