The career fair I attended was very interesting and new to me.  This was my first career fair I had ever attended, so I was extremely nervous.  There were so many students there and it reminded me of how competitive the job market really is.  Some of the business’s at the career fair included AT&T, Coca-Cola Enterprises, IRS, Wachovia, U.S. Department of state, Quad/Graphics, Target, and Kroger just to name a few.

What I liked about the job fair was the number of companies that showed up.  It gave me hope about being able to find a job when I graduate.  I also enjoyed the freebies all the companies had set up at their station.  All the company representatives were friendly and did a good job explaining what job spots were available for young adults like myself.  What I liked least about the career fair was that there were very few Public Relations job openings.  There are a lot of Human Resource job openings in which could be a platform to get to P.R., but that was pretty much all I kept hearing about was H.R.  Although they did not have what I was looking for it was still a wonderful learning experience because I was able to hold conversations with these individuals and improve on my conversation skills.  So I took this job career experience as more of just something to get my feet wet, and to give me an idea of what it is like.