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1.)dsmilez said,
April 21, 2010 at 8:55 PM
This blog is well presented. I like how you provided definitions and made our blog interactive by being able to click on words that will take you to other links and pages. Your friend Logan gives some really helpful advice. Networking seems so crucial and I like how she mentioned to get contact information and become well acquainted with anyone you meet in your field. Logan mentioning that if they can’t help you, they may know someone that can is very true. Your other friend Holly West comments on doing research and seeking out these internships is good advice also. Nothing ever comes to someone who sits around and waits for it.
2.)dsmilez said,
April 21, 2010 at 9:11 PM
I like how you said “let’s think of your clothing as a supporting role.” That is a good way to look at it. I liked that you stressed the importance of a nice, clean, respectable and professional image. You are right about people in the job market judging a book by its cover; I mean it’s all they really know upon first sight. That’s why we got to make sure we are an appropriate and good looking cover (laughs).
3.)I like how you broke up the women and men attire into sections, made it easier to read. Also providing tips for both genders was kind of you, and inserting a link to provide us with more information if we are interested and a video makes this blog look professional.
4.)dsmilez said,
April 21, 2010 at 9:29 PM
Your blog on social media… I LIKED A LOT! I agree with you on the fact that social media is extremely popular. It is dominating from all aspects, and if you aren’t knowledgeable on the subject you might find yourself on the loosing end. I enjoy Facebook the most also, although it looks like soon Facebook will be taking a backseat to Twitter. Highlighting the professional reasons of why social media is important was a good idea. People need to know that through social media you can connect with customers or employers on a personal basis, that it provides ways for people to give opinion and suggestions on potential products and services, and that you can market yourself with social media. The possibilities are endless.
5.)dsmilez said,
April 21, 2010 at 9:53 PM
The Body Language and Nonverbal Communication blog you did was nicely put together. First impressions are lasting ones. Recommending professional attire, becoming posture, and facial expressions are definitely apart of nonverbal communication. Non-verbals are just as important as your verbals. They are constantly being examined by the employer. I agree with the helpful hints and explanations provided. A professional appearance, being polite and mannerly, bringing pen and pad, and good eye contact are all important during an interview.
6.)I enjoyed your blog and the additional links and video. Very helpful and informative, I like the overall format of your blog. Nice job, your blogs are great.
7.)dsmilez said,
April 21, 2010 at 10:03 PM
The information you gave on cover letters was well written. I agree that a cover letter can gain you attention that could potentially make you stand out from the rest. I also agree with you on the fact that cover letters are a helping tool that can be used as an outlet to show off your good qualities, skills, and success’s.
8.)dSmilez said,
I did not know that a cover letter can be too long and that it should be one page. I agree with you that keeping the employer interested is a must and that focusing on things that would make you stand out and be perfect for that specific position is key.
9.) Cool! I like the name Pineapple PR. Your friend seems to have landed and maintained a pretty awesome job. Sounds fun to work with hotels, resorts, and restaurants. The planning portion seems stressful, but yet I bet seeing the finished product makes it worth it. Her Patridge Inn project was a great idea, and I am glad it turned out well. Pulling front page of The Augusta Chronicle and getting broadcast and magazine coverage is PR at its finest. Her admitting that pay is not so great kind of scares me, but I mean if you enjoy what you do then that is important too.
10.) I love to write, I work for a newspaper, so the fact that your friend mentions writing as important is great. I already know it is, but you can never be stressed enough. It’s nice to know all the hard work in my PR class will honestly and truly pay off in the real world. Congrats to your friend for finding a great job and success.

11.)By: dsmilez on April 21, 2010
at 8:20 am
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Wow, those are some sharp outfit ideas (the images) never would of thought about those picks. I always think dry, boring and simple because that is how teachers present it in the classes I have taken thus far. I always want to be fun and cute, and you have shown that you can be that and still remain professional. That is very interesting that in seven seconds first impressions are formed, did not know that. I also did not know to wear bold colors and that blue and red are power colors that can impress the interviewer. After reading this blog, I am not going to blend in with the rest.

12.)By: dsmilez on April 21, 2010
at 8:00 am
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Unfortunately I chose to take the Senior Seminar course instead of an internship. Don’t get me wrong, the class is great and helpful, but to do an internship would have been much more fulfilling. You are so right about internships being a great way to gain experience, and gain contacts and connections. That’s wonderful you have two internships under your belt, you’ll be all set come graduation and life after graduation. I know it’s never too late to do an internship, so it’s something I might still consider doing, and if I get one I will definitely use the advice your friend gave about meeting a lot of people while there, getting involved and to follow up after I have completed the internship.

13.)By: dsmilez on April 21, 2010
at 7:47 am
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Your blog on cover letters and resume tips is wonderful. It is very well organized, well-written and most importantly helpful. I agree that it is important to have a cover letter that is effective in creating interest in looking at your resume. Employers definitely have a lot of résumé’s come across there desk, so setting ourselves apart from the rest is key. Also the call to attention the elements of your background section are interesting and holds true too! I think you touching on reflecting ones personality, motivation, enthusiasm and communication skills is very good advice as well Thanks for the helpful information.

14.)By: dsmilez on April 21, 2010
at 7:35 am
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I enjoyed reading your “The PR Pro: Rachel Miller” blog. That is pretty cool that she got a job here after graduating. That is so true what Rachel said about always being professional and keeping customers in the forefront of our thoughts. That statement is such a big part of PR. 50-60 hours and she takes her work home often times!! WOW, I must applaud her, she works hard. What she said about the importance of networking is true too. A lot of the times it’s all about who you know. Relationship building and growing with your clients is definitely a must. Enjoyed this blog.

15.)By: dsmilez on April 23, 2010
at 3:08 pm
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So neat that you interned at CNN, the relationships you created and the contacts you gained I bet are amazing. That is interesting that you talk about doing more than one internship. I just think always at least doing one will suffice, but your reasons why doing more than one is important, are true. Thanks for suggesting that. I hesitate to ask questions when on the job or in training because I’m always afraid I am asking too many, but your right, it is what I am suppose to do because it is MY learning experience. Building a portfolio is a great suggestion as well. I started working on mine a while back. Although it is not from an actual internship (its clippings/articles/columns) from the newspaper I work for, having examples of your work is a great way to interest the employer and back up your word.

16.)By: dsmilez on April 23, 2010
at 3:24 pm
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I like the set up of this blog. Like the images, kept me interested. Great advice you gave, liked how did titles and categories (i.e. men, women). Dressing professional for an interview is so important. You always want a potential employer to remember you in a respectable, professional, and well-kept manner. A manner that gives off the sense that you’re hard working and a great asset is key. People often forget in preparation for an interview that it is better to wear no scent, but if you feel you must wear one keep the amount of sprays to a minimal (it’s good you mentioned that). I agree with you on the no gum, candy or cigarettes or visible piercings. Employees notice these things and way more.

17.)By: dsmilez on April 23, 2010
at 3:46 pm
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Love Love Love the images that go with this blog. It was a good idea of you to start off this post with the negative things about social media sites, then warm up to the good things. People need to know that they need to be careful about what they post on their pages. Employers only want the best of the best working for their company. Stressing that a profile filled with drunken pictures and partying can definitely hinder your chances at a position. Did I mention I love the images? I like how you inserted some fact/statistics and then went on to discuss the good in social media sites. Social media sites do in fact build relationships, make it easier to communicate, are global, and can be accessed easy and those are some of the reasons I enjoy them.

18.)By: dsmilez on April 23, 2010
at 4:00 pm
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This blog post is actually very helpful. Almost everyone is nervous before and during an interview. Suggestions on things to do that can eliminate some of that nervousness is always greatly needed. Also the Do’s and Don’ts portions of the blog can very much come in handy. I did not know rubbing the back of your head or neck showed your lack of interest. Of course I agree with you about staying engaged in the conversation. Blank stares are not a good thing to give, I agree with you on that too. Good posture, a becoming smile, all good things to have in an interview. That makes for a comfortable yet professional environment. In saying goodbye, exiting with a firm handshake and maintaining composure is awesome advice. Appreciate this blog, great job.

19.)By: dsmilez on April 23, 2010
at 4:06 pm
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I agree at how you ranked cover letters importance to the resume. Employees won’t even see your resume if they are not interested from the cover letter. I like the image of the cat looking into the mirror and seeing a lion. That is the type of attitude we should have. We should know that we are capable of great things, and are approach should be a presence that is felt and remembered. Being a hardworking, intelligent, versatile individual will get you far in life.

20.)By: dsmilez on April 23, 2010
at 4:15 pm
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21.)| dsmilez
April 23, 2010 at 4:21 pm
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That is great that you got an internship this summer!! How I exciting. I enjoyed reading your blog. I like the overall setup of how you presented your findings. Knowing about the company before you work or intern with them is such good advice. You should always know what you’re getting into and the history and background of the company. Good advice about getting to know as many people at your company as possible. You never know who you might need and when you might need them. Networking is important too, that is something I am working on. I like the video you attached, good job.
22.)April 23, 2010 at 4:25 pm
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I like the title of your blog, cute. Nice job linking the words to the links and/or websites makes it real convenient for the reader to get to that page. In Public Relations it is real important to of course wear professional attire to an interview, but it’s also important to be fashionable. It is cool that you did a lot of background research, and plugged in legit and helpful sources for the reader to refer back to. Seems like you found a lot of great information. That American Idol clip…HILARIOUS, gets me every time (laughs).
11 | dsmilez
23)April 23, 2010 at 4:34 pm
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I just really like the title of your blogs. I just wanted to say that first and foremost. You go real in-depth in the information you provide, I can tell you really took the time on these blogs. Good job! It is baffling how social media can connect you to almost any and everyone socially and professionally. The possibilities are endless. I have a Facebook, a Twitter, and a Myspace page. I don’t network professionally on my Facebook or Myspace page, but I kind of do on my Twitter. I have a Linked-In account floating around out there somewhere too. I need to maybe work on that page a little more. Your blog has made me realize I need to be more active on my Linked-In account, Thank you.
9 | dsmilez
24.)April 23, 2010 at 4:42 pm
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Yes I agree! Job interviews are extremely nerve-racking. I always just try to sit still, smile, and answer the questions to the best of my ability, and it hasn’t failed me yet. The tips you researched about making good eye contact, smiling, being polite, and not slouching are all very important to keep in mind and follow. Don’t interrupt is a real good tip also, for some employers may find that offensive and rude. I fiddle with my hands a lot so I am going to use the tip that you included in your blog about holding a pen or notepad. Enjoyed the informative blog.
0 | dsmilez
25.)April 23, 2010 at 4:56 pm
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Your blog on cover letters was well written. It was formatted well and filled with all kind of helpful pieces of information. I like how you talk about a cover letter being a way of introducing yourself. That is very true because when you send off your resume, they don’t get to see you. That is why your cover letter should let them get a feel of what you’re about. The video you attached was helpful as well. Overall this is a good blog post.


The career fair I attended was very interesting and new to me.  This was my first career fair I had ever attended, so I was extremely nervous.  There were so many students there and it reminded me of how competitive the job market really is.  Some of the business’s at the career fair included AT&T, Coca-Cola Enterprises, IRS, Wachovia, U.S. Department of state, Quad/Graphics, Target, and Kroger just to name a few.

What I liked about the job fair was the number of companies that showed up.  It gave me hope about being able to find a job when I graduate.  I also enjoyed the freebies all the companies had set up at their station.  All the company representatives were friendly and did a good job explaining what job spots were available for young adults like myself.  What I liked least about the career fair was that there were very few Public Relations job openings.  There are a lot of Human Resource job openings in which could be a platform to get to P.R., but that was pretty much all I kept hearing about was H.R.  Although they did not have what I was looking for it was still a wonderful learning experience because I was able to hold conversations with these individuals and improve on my conversation skills.  So I took this job career experience as more of just something to get my feet wet, and to give me an idea of what it is like.

This blog contains an interview (Q&A) with Byron Miller, the President of the Events and Planning for the Entertainment Group known as Hussle Hard Entertainment.

1.) What is your exact title?
President of event planning committee for Hussle Hard Entertainment
2.) What is your job description as event planner for Hussle Hard Entertainment?
Micromanaging all members of the committee and making sure they achieve tasks catered to each specific event.
3.) How many hours do you put in a week for your job?
20-25 hours a week.
4.) Are you the only one that runs this position of HHE or is it a team?
A Team
5.) If it is a team, how often do you all meet?
Depends on the event being put on.
6.) What do the meetings consist of, what gets discussed in your meetings?
Ideas for an event, assignment of job duties and progress updates.
7.) How long have you worked in the event planning department for HHE?
2+ years.
8.) Was there ever a time where you had to go above and beyond in your job?
All the time, things never run smoothly in the event planning business, someone is always going to throw a glitch in your plans.
9.) Name a time where an event didn’t go as planned?
Awhile back we through out 4th Annual 90’s party. The past 3 years of throwing the event have been successful, but conflicted interest and disagreements with collaborators caused the event to have a small turnout.
10.) Is there a memorable moment in which you were extremely proud of how an event turned out?
When we brought recording artist Drake to the Performing Arts Center.
11.) Is this an area you want to work in the rest of my life?
12.) If not what else are you trying to branch into?
I am interested in artist development and executive producing and maybe one day be a creative tour director.
13.) What is something you like most about your job?
Planning the events and the close bind he has with his HHE family.
14.) What is something you like least about your job?
Having to stay and clean up after an event.

I’ve heard the word internship at least a million times since I been in college. “You should do an internship, internships are good, they can be fun, you get experience and can network, it can maybe lead to a job.” Those are all things I have heard and although doing one would be cool, I decided to take Senior Seminar instead and be on my way.
I have two friends who did internships. My friend Maranda, who attends Georgia Southern and is a Senior PR major graduating in May did an internship for a music licensing and copyright company. The name of the company is called Seasac and she did their PR, which mostly consisted of her doing artist bios. Tips Maranda gives are as follows: 1.)Take the maximum number of credits that you can because it gives you real world experience. 2.)Find your own internship, does not have to be one on the list that the school provides. 3.)Don’t procrastinate on turning in your intern paper work. 4.)Stay in contact with your intern supervisor, it is a good connect to have.
My other friend goes to Georgia State, her name is Shameria. She did an internship with the Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission, and Georgia Department of Transportation, just to name a few. She is such a busy individual, I am very proud of her and all her accomplishments. OK OK enough with the sentimental moment. Her advice is to just make sure you learn everyday while doing the internship. Ask questions, keep in contact with the companies, and show them you want to be there. *Best advice given…logging out*

My name is Danielle, some call me dSmilez (because I smile a lot), D, or Danni B. I am a Senior PR major and I am a fairly simple gal. I enjoy spending time with with my family and friends. I am a Christian, I incorporate God into my everyday life through prayer and reading His Word. In my free time I like to check out the nightlife (clubbing, house parties) I enjoy shopping, going to the movies, being around lots of friends, and sometimes just being alone. I live a busy life, I work hard in school, on my job, and I am working hard towards making my all my dreams become a reality. I work for the 11th Hour newspaper, its a local Statesboro newspaper that focuses on whats going on in the ‘boro’.
Favorite Food: Chicken wings
Favorite Genre of music: Rap/Hip-Hop
Favorite Season: Summer
Hot or Cold: Hot
Juice or Soda: Juice
I love the beach!! I Love Life, If You Hang Around Me…I Bet You’ll Like It.

In an interview there are rules and guidelines to the way you’re suppose to dress. talks about what a woman in an interview should wear. She should have on a solid color. Her suit should be conservative with a blouse that coordinates. Shoes should be moderate and with jewelry, wear little to none. Hair should be neat, nails nicely manicured and be sure to be sparse with the make up and perfume. When it comes to hosiery it should be tan or light.
According to men should first know about the company they will be interviewing with. The website encourages to get an idea of the company’s dress code, by maybe having a friend stake out the front door and see what current employees wear. Basic black, dark gray, or navy are appropriate suite colors. Tie and shoes should match and everything should be clean and fit well. A nice briefcase or leather or vinyl portfolio to hold things like your resume and references are suggested.
To spotlight and be more specific to my area of interest (public relations) this portion of the blog is going to inform you what to wear to a PR interview. First impressions are very important. Black heels, skirt, blouse equals boring. In a PR interview you kind of have to be stylish. Think about it…our major requires us to be social, in the lime light, seen, the middle man between the client and audience. One must look professional, yet stylish at the same time. A black, cream, or gray pencil skirt is cute, noticeable, and an overall sophisticated look. Also you could pair a gray dress with some solid gray or black tights. To contribute a little flair, a belt would compliment the outfit nicely. Wear the belt slightly to the side to draw attention to your figure. When it comes to shoes, a heel is definitely necessary, it represents fun, sexy, and professional all wrapped up into one.

Social media is Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, and dating sites just to name a few. The Internet is social media’s outlet. It is said that social media has three components: Social interface, media, and concept. 1.)Social interface deals with engagement with the audience, social viral, electronic viral, electronic broadcast, or print. 2.)Media, refers to electronic physical or verbal. 3.)Concept, refers to art information, and meme(cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena( It’s been said by Mashable:The Social Media Guide, that social networks are starting to become criteria that hiring managers and college admission officers use to weed out applicants. Hiring managers conduct background checks using social sites like Facebook. Pitfalls of social media can be that if a job seeker has wild photos up on their page and comes off as someone that just seems to party all the time with no order in their life, a hiring manager might during a background check see that and choose not to hire that individual. When looking for a job it is important that your pages don’t have anything that might turn off an employer or cause them to question your ability to hold a postilion with their company.
With social media such as Facebook and Twitter you can use them not only for social reasons, but as a marketing tool. You can use these sites to market and/or promote yourself. Using social media catches employers eye and increases your chances of employment because they see that you are technology savvy and more innovative. It shows that you keep up with the times and are willing to adapt to change. Also with social media a job seeker can learn more about a company, keep up with a company, network, and build a relationship with the company which could eventually lead to a job.

Body language to me is a form of nonverbal communication. It’s the gestures we make with our hands, body, the looks we give with our eyes, and facial expressions. Me personally, I’ve been told I am very animated, people tell me I am not very discrete with my facial expressions; you’re going to going to be able to tell how I feel at that moment by my face. I think its funny, I really have no control over it…oh well.
While looking up information about body language, I saw the common split, female and male body language and how to understand each. We will always be trying to figure out the opposite sex, it’s a subject that will never get old (just had to make mention).
When it comes to a job interview there are ways to conduct yourself in an interview with body language. In a job interview it is suggested to adopt a posture that shows interest but still gives a sense of being relaxed. Do not sit at the tip of your chair, it shows your tense and not comfortable. A lot of times we talk with are hands, but its best to keep that to a minimum in a interview. The best thing to do with your hands is let them sit loosely on your lap or rest on the arm rest.
On the Forbes website it talks about how hands in your pockets when standing shows a lack of confidence. Here are some more tips from the website:

  • Sitting with legs crossed while shaking one leg shows nervousness
  • Looking at the floor or around a lot shows that your not interested in the conversation.
  • Avoid negative body language like the ones listed. Some good tips for body language in a job interview is to go into an interview with calm and ease. It can be nerve racking that’s only natural, but tell yourself “its not an interrogation.”
  • Sit up straight, show enthusiasm by keeping an expression that shows interest.
  • Create a comfortable amount of personal space between you and the interviewer.
  • Keep scents, cologne, perfumes to a minimum.
  • At the end of the interview when you stand up be sure to smile, leave them with a good lasting memory of you.
  • Also to give a little dash of my advice, say a prayer before and after the interview. Prayer changes


When creating a cover letter it is very important to give the reader only enough information to strike interest in looking at your resume. Be sure to leave out jargon, abbreviations, and contractions,and make sure to make the most of your opening paragraph. Use white or off white paper with a font between 10-14 points. Be sure to proof-read your cover letter several times to correct errors, spelling and grammar. If your writing to someone to whom you have been referred, make sure to name your reference in the first paragraph.